The new rules

Forex available to everyone
How often have you thought about how to create your own business, earn money, be independent. Probably everyone at least once in his conscious, adult life came up with this…

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Rules of business correspondence
Business communication is never complete without business correspondence. Especially this conduct of business is important in solving immediate problems in a short time, and a personal meeting is not expected.…

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How to get a loan reprieve
According to statistics, every person at least once in his life took a loan from a Bank. And the situations are different and it is not always possible to make…

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Verification of documentation from the developer when purchasing a property

Today, more and more couples prefer to buy real estate in a new house. Good location, modern good layout, unlimited possibilities of decoration and decoration, well-equipped Playground and large Parking – these are the main advantages of apartments in new buildings.

Currently, the demand for housing under construction is steadily increasing, which can be seen, for example, according to the statistics of the portal in the section “new buildings of the Moscow region” are more than 30 thousand ads. But not everyone wants to buy new housing, because investing in construction is always associated with multiple risks. Continue reading

What will happen to the real estate market at an oil price of$25

The real estate market is one of those that is always in action. There are those who offer housing, and those who purchase it. People fall into two categories when buying a property. The first want to invest, and the second dream to successfully solve their housing problems. And those and others are concerned about how the real estate market will behave in the further catastrophic drop in oil prices.
And the market will just respond differently for each segment of buyers. Since their goals are different, the reaction to the changes will be different. Let’s try to make a prediction. Although it is very difficult in the current circumstances, and in General – forecasting is quite a complex and questionable process. Still, risk. Continue reading

How to make insurance cheaper

Today, insurance is an integral part of almost everyone’s life. Life and health insurance, CASCO, CTP and other types of insurance take place, and each of them has its own value. To pay a smaller amount of contributions, in other words, to make insurance cheaper, there are quite real ways, there are several of them.
Way to # 1. Buying discount policies.

Buying insurance products at sales is a real way to save on insurance protection. It is only necessary to know where and when the “insurance” sales take place. For example, on January 25, as part of the online sale of Cyber Monday 2016, Tinkoff Insurance provided discounts on policies. Continue reading

How to get the funded part of the pension

The term “funded pension” appeared in the pension legislation in 2001, while the law “On labor pensions in the Russian Federation”was adopted. It came into force on January 1 of the following year, and the result of its action was the division of the pension into several parts.
The pension was divided into several parts (basic, insurance and funded), each of which had to be financed from separate sources. And, if the first two concepts are more or less familiar and logically understandable, then few people managed to understand the funded part of the pension. Continue reading

Benefits for disabled children

Sometimes the house knocks misfortune and grief to those parents whose children are in danger, sick or disabled. These children, unfortunately, a lot, they grow up next to us and gain knowledge, but differ from us in their physical disabilities and attitude to life. In our country, children with disabilities are surrounded by care and attention, they are entitled to benefits and additional benefits.
Obtaining the status of a disabled child
Children under 18 years of age receive this status on the basis of identified disorders of the body functions. Having the results of the examination, the social and medical Commission assigns the child the status of a disabled person, which guarantees him certain benefits and privileges. Before the onset of adulthood is the status of children and has no gradation of groups. Continue reading

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How to take a loan without references and guarantors
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