The new rules

Deposits with interest capitalization
Investment of funds in the escrow account is not the only way of salvation savings from inflation. Thanks to Deposit deposits, in a stable economy, you can even increase your…

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How to get rid of debts
Sometimes it comes to the banal: I want ice cream (for example, money in my purse a penny, salary in a few days), you can wait and with a sense…

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How to make insurance cheaper
Today, insurance is an integral part of almost everyone's life. Life and health insurance, CASCO, CTP and other types of insurance take place, and each of them has its own…

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Supply contract

An important condition of the supply contract is that the buyer must use the purchased goods for business purposes. If the goods are purchased for personal use, such a relationship cannot be formalized through a supply contract. As a supplier can be any legal and natural person who carries out business activities.

The supply contract is made in writing. The moment of conclusion of such agreement shall be determined by the moment when all essential terms and conditions are stated in the agreement and signed by both parties. If the parties to the contract are individual entrepreneurs and the amount of the contract does not exceed 10 times the size of the minimum wage, the supply contract can be concluded orally. Continue reading

Profitability calculation

The problem of efficiency of commercial activity worries every Manager, because it is the owner of the enterprise is interested in the profitability of the business. Efficiency can be defined as the ratio between the result and the resources spent.
Performance indicators can be divided into forward and reverse. Direct performance indicators represent the output of which show what a standard unit of outcome obtained with a conventional unit costs to receive it. Reverse the indicators of effectiveness represent the coefficients of capacitance, which illustrate how unit costs necessary to obtain the conventional unit result. Continue reading

Registration of receipt of goods and services in 1C: Accounting

Currently, almost every commercial structure uses software products for accounting. One of these software products is 1C: Accounting.
1C: Accounting allows you to automate the process of entering the primary documentation related to the process of recording the receipt of goods and services. For these purposes, 1C: Accounting provides special documents, the order of which is different for different versions. This is what readers of the world Councils will learn today.

Features of registration of receipt of goods and services in 1C: Accounting on the platform 7.7
On the platform 7.7 there are two configurations intended for accounting of the enterprise: accounting, version 4.5 and simplified tax system, version 1.3. Continue reading

Cash register inventory

Inventory cash performs the planned event to compare actual performance and accounting. In other words, the inventory of the cash register is carried out in order to compare the real availability of funds in the cash register of the enterprise to their accounting indicators.
Inventory of cash is carried out in the manner approved by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the accounting policy of the organization.

Inventory of the cash register has the following tasks: Continue reading

How to get a loan reprieve
According to statistics, every person at least once in his life took a loan from a Bank. And the situations are different and it is not always possible to make…


Investments in mutual funds
In order to make informed and informed decisions about buying or selling shares, you need to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as some experience in the stock…


How to sell a share in an apartment
Much has changed since the days of the legendary hero Bulgakov, but the housing issue is still particularly acute. Problems with the sale,lease and division of real estate are still…


How to deal with collectors
Today, few people do not have a single credit for the soul. And few people are not afraid to be a malicious defaulter and fall into the hands of employees…