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Benefits for disabled children

Sometimes the house knocks misfortune and grief to those parents whose children are in danger, sick or disabled. These children, unfortunately, a lot, they grow up next to us and gain knowledge, but differ from us in their physical disabilities and attitude to life. In our country, children with disabilities are surrounded by care and attention, they are entitled to benefits and additional benefits.
Obtaining the status of a disabled child
Children under 18 years of age receive this status on the basis of identified disorders of the body functions. Having the results of the examination, the social and medical Commission assigns the child the status of a disabled person, which guarantees him certain benefits and privileges. Before the onset of adulthood is the status of children and has no gradation of groups.The grounds for recognizing a child as disabled are:

obvious impairment of bodily functions caused by acquired or congenital defects, injuries or diseases;
partial or complete lack of mobility, orientation, training, self-care and other life functions;
the need for social rehabilitation assistance.
To get disability, Mirsovetov recommends that all of these listed base commit. The fact is that health problems that do not interfere with normal life, do not give the right to obtain such status. For example, a child with diabetes (without severe complications such as renal failure) will not receive a disability.

According to the Rules, the status of “disabled child” is assigned to a person for a certain period, namely:

from one to two years – if doctors give high chances of recovery, depending on the severity of the disease;
five years – if the remission, for example, of malignant formation is observed after the status assignment for the first time and during the re-examination by the social and medical Commission;
until the child reaches the age of majority: not later than 2 years from the date of assignment of the primary status, if there are irreversible violations in the body; within 4 years, if remission is not achieved with the help of rehabilitation and medicines.
A special set of rules describes diseases and other defects that give grounds to establish the status of “disabled child”. It contains 23 names, including tumors, pathology of musculoskeletal tissues, the absence of some organs and so on.

Benefits for disabled children
The list of benefits provided by the state, in accordance with Federal law.

Taxation of families in which the child is disabled.

As it is written in the Tax code of the Russian Federation, parents or people who care for a disabled child under the age of 18 years or up to 24 years in full-time education at a University with an existing disability of group I or II, can count on a monthly tax compensation in the amount of 3000 rubles.

The benefit will be granted on the basis of the decision of the guardianship authorities, pension certificate, certificate of housing and communal services on cohabitation, as well as a document from a medical institution, which confirmed the need to care for a disabled child. To receive tax deductions, you will also need a certificate of the absence of disability from parents or guardians, as well as an appropriate document in the event that the parents are divorced.

Benefits in the housing sector.

Families who bring up children with disabilities, the state provides a discount of 50% on the payment of housing. We are talking about houses that are on the balance of public, state or municipal Fund. The benefit also applies to the subscription fee for telephone communication, utilities and fuel for the arrangement of the individual heating system, if there is no centralized.

In addition to the above, families with children with disabilities can expect to be provided with accommodation. Housing to improve living conditions will be provided primarily to those who suffer from chronic diseases of severe forms. Namely:

serious mental disorders: schizophrenia, psychosis, epilepsy;
lesions of the nervous system with impaired motor ability of the legs and arms: cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, spinal contusions and so on.
Parents with a disabled child also have the right to additional housing in the form of a room or 10 sq. m.

Benefits for the use of transport.

Children with disabilities, as well as their parents, all guardians and Trustees, have the right to free travel on all types of urban and suburban transport, except taxis. So, this right can be used:

a child with a disability and an accompanying person, providing the driver or at the ticket office of the station pension certificate and identity document;
parents, guardians or social workers caring for a disabled child on the basis of a passport and a certificate that can be obtained from the social protection authorities.
In addition, disabled people can count on:

discount of 50% of the ticket price for the use of railway, air, road and river transport (from October 1 to may 15), as well as once in another month of the year;
free travel once a year back and forth to the sanatorium or hospital for treatment;
free travel for examination or treatment. You can use the suburban bus, as well as use the services within the regional transport. Children with disabilities and their accompanying persons have this right.
Privileges in the education system.

In preschool educational institution of the General type for the disabled child create all necessary conditions for comfortable stay. Such children are first of all taken to kindergarten, according to the relevant Decree of the President of the Russian Federation. In addition, the parents of such children are exempted from payment for the DDT. Moreover, children with disabilities who for health reasons can not stay in a kindergarten of General type, are redirected to education in preschool special purpose.

There is also the possibility of educating children with disabilities in non-state educational institutions or at home. Having successfully passed the exam, an applicant with a disability can enter a state or municipal educational institution even out of competition. Adolescents with developmental disabilities may be sent to General education institutions only with the consent of their parents or guardians, on the basis of the conclusion of the medical and psychological Commission.

Children with disabilities are provided free of charge by the state as follows::

prostheses and other orthopedic products;
vouchers to the health resort for a disabled child and one of his parents.
medicines specified in the doctor’s prescription.
To accompany your child to the sanatorium, father or mother for the period of treatment is issued a sheet of temporary disability.

Labor benefits.

a woman in the care of a disabled child under the age of 16 is entitled to a part-time or reduced working week;
the law prohibits the employment of a woman with a disabled child in overtime work;
the employer has no right to refuse employment to such women or to lower their wages;
a lonely mother with a child in the status of the disabled is forbidden to fire. The only exception is when an enterprise or organization is completely liquidated;
one of the parents or guardians of a disabled person under 18 has the right to claim 4 additional days off per month.
All the above privileges are granted in accordance with the labor Code of the Russian Federation.

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