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How to save on purchases

Folk wisdom says – saved, so earned. How and where to buy a quality product at the lowest price? This is especially true if the budget puts you in a tight frame and, unfortunately, large costs can not afford. But there are different ways and tricks, and they will be discussed today.
Sales (not applicable to products and services)
The most common and well-known method – to buy things on seasonal sales, they are also called sales (translated from English “sale” – discount). It is known that by the beginning of a new season in clothes shops the new collection arrives. When the season is coming to an end, on clothes from the new collection begin to operate discounts, first 30% of the original price, then 50% and the final sale – up to 75%. Thus, for example, if a thing was worth 100 conventional units, you can buy it for 25.

Please note that during sales, some stores are tricky. For example: the price of goods without sale was 100 conventional units, the store announces 50% sale and at the same time makes a premium of 30%. Thus, the price of goods on sale under such conditions will be 100-50+30=80 conventional units. And the claimed 50% sale is actually only 20%.

In the first days of sales in stores, the Apple has nowhere to fall – the crowd of buyers, and the queue in the fitting room have to spend a lot of time. In order to save not only my money, but also time and nerves, I, a few days before the proposed sale, calmly choose what I need, measure, sometimes write down the article of the goods and then, when the sale starts, just take your favorite thing, pre-selected in size and buy it.

Outlets are stores that sell clothes and shoes of stale goods, which remained unsold in shopping centers during sales, or which remained in the warehouses of the manufacturer. There are such shops usually on the outskirts of large cities and the prices there are the most pleasant for the buyer.

In addition, popular online clothing stores often have their own virtual outlets where you can buy real things with a huge discount.

Online store
With the development of online shopping are widespread online stores – you can really buy anything and at a bargain price.

Prices in online stores are lower, because the owners do not incur large costs for renting space, salary sellers and so on. Sale of goods is carried out directly from the warehouse. Many online stores give their products manufacturer’s warranty (often this applies to various types of equipment).

It is also advantageous to buy goods (clothes, shoes, cosmetics) from online stores that are abroad. Despite the payment for the delivery of goods, its price is much lower than in domestic stores. In addition, on the sites of such stores there are “happy hours” when various things from the new collection are sold for one or two hours at a discount of up to 50% long before the seasonal sale. On the websites of online stores there is a section full sale – here are sold things that are left in one size or unusual color and bold style – perhaps they are waiting for you.

Even cheaper to buy things, household chemicals, office and cosmetics through the organizers of joint purchases. They are easy to find in regional forums. These are people who for a small Commission organize a wholesale purchase and subsequent distribution of goods from the manufacturer. Due to this purchase at wholesale price, you can save 25-30%.

Coupon sites
On the Internet every day more and more widely used are a variety of sites where you can buy a coupon for any service. Such sites are common mainly in large cities. They work as follows: to attract new customers, or as an advertisement for their services, various companies (beauty salons, hairdressers, saunas, medical centers, cafes, etc.) place on specialized sites offers significant discounts on service. On the site anyone can buy a coupon for a discount on your favorite service, and this discount is from 50% to 90%. Payment is made by credit card, and then comes to the e-mail coupon that you want to print and present at the service. Recently, on the coupon sites there were also goods (not only services) with reasonable prices. It is beneficial to all – the seller attracts new customers and advertises its services, the buyer receives quality service and spends a penny.

Actions in supermarkets
Buying food and household chemicals is usually the biggest item of expenditure in the budget of any family. And big discount here, do not have to wait, but that’s exactly the case when every penny counts.

It is no secret that well-known recommendations, first, before visiting the supermarket you need to eat tightly. When a person is not hungry, he will not buy, giving in to impulse, unnecessary products. Secondly, write a list of necessary products when you go to the supermarket. Plan what menu you will have for a week, and then, based on this, make a list, and when shopping, clearly adhere to it.

In supermarkets, and in many other shops there are special cards of the buyer on which discounts are provided, they small – from 2% to 5%.

In addition, supermarkets often hold various promotions, when selectively make discounts on certain goods for a certain period, the so-called “hot offers”. You can learn about the auction offers from printed catalogs, which can be taken free of charge in the supermarket or by subscribing to the newsletter on the Internet.

Often, shares with a decrease in the price of their goods are carried out directly by manufacturers. For example, in order to attract attention to new products, manufacturers make an advertising set (promotional set), in which a well-known and popular product is sold together with the novelty. Often the buyer pays only for one product, and the second receives as a gift.

Also, Mirsovetov recommends paying attention to the following type of action: the buyer is offered to buy two goods, and the third to get a discount, or buy one, and the other to get a 50% discount. If you do not need so much at once, you can always cooperate with a friend and make a bargain.

Happy shopping!

How to save on purchases
Folk wisdom says - saved, so earned. How and where to buy a quality product at the lowest price? This is especially true if the budget puts you in a…


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