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How to get SNILS on the baby

Today in many institutions and organizations you are asked to present SNILS or as it is called – a green plastic card. And if earlier such a document was issued only upon reaching the age of majority or employment, today SNILS is issued even for children, and absolutely any age.
In this regard, many moms and dads have a lot of questions: why do you need a child SNILS, when and how to get it, etc. Mirsovetov will help you understand all the intricacies of obtaining a “green document”.

Understand the concept of SNILS
The first time about SNILS Russians heard 17 years ago thanks to the introduction of the Federal law. Literally it stands for “insurance number of individual personal account” and is a document on the registration of a citizen in the pension insurance system – is assigned to each person and is unique. This document was originally issued only to adult citizens and employment. Today it is available in receipt and for the child.

And is it necessary to “green document” child?
This question is asked by many mothers and fathers. It is clear that the question of the presence of an insurance document in adults is not even discussed – all working citizens and pensioners have it or should be assigned without fail. But is he good for the child? Let’s try to understand.

Initially, the insurance number was assigned in order to control insurance payments – it depends on them the size of the pension. Over time, however, SNILS acquired a large scale and has been used for other purposes.

As we know, the insurance number is assigned to a person once in a lifetime and does not change. Even if he changes his name. And further, proceeding from the tendency of application of SNILS in practice, this document will replace also all other identifiers of the personality. Social security number can be used instead of a passport and even an identification code.

Functions that are currently performed by the insurance number
In the health insurance Fund, the insurance number can be used to identify a person during the provision of medical care. Having SNILS, it is much easier to get money for child treatment, free medicines for children under 3 years, low-income families, etc. SNILS will greatly facilitate the task of parents who put the child in the queue to provide high-tech medical care.
The insurance number is also used for certain issues related to social protection of citizens. In particular, state aid to children with disabilities – medications, trips, etc. to get it, it is necessary to register in the Federal register of persons. the First item in this list is the social security number of your child. However, it should be said that this category of children insurance document should be mandatory, as without it will not appoint a pension.
The insurance number is also used as an identifier when receiving an electronic card. Computerization and various technologies are firmly established in our lives, so these cards are used in almost all areas. A mandatory external props card must be SNILS.
SNILS can be used in all kinds of electronic operations. Today, most services are provided electronically. If you need to replace a passport, get an extract from the state register for real estate, etc., it can be done even at home at the computer. You only need to register on a specialized portal and fill out a form. One of the first points is the presence of a social security number.
Insurance policy should be obtained at least because almost all kindergartens and schools require parents to provide the insurance number of the child. At the legislative level, this requirement has no basis. However, it is worth knowing that today all children in pre-school institutions are provided with subsidies for food, purchase of textbooks, etc. SNILS child helps to quickly solve all financial issues, as it is a convenient and accurate identifier of the child’s personality.
Go for an insurance policy at PF
It is the Pension Fund that is currently engaged in the appointment of SNILS. Here it will be assigned in several ways:

You personally apply for a number at the place of your registration. If it is not – at the place of residence.
You can not contact the PF in person. In kindergartens, the collection of documents for the assignment of SNILS to the child is carried out and transferred to the pension Fund Department.
If you have issued an electronic card, the insurance document is assigned automatically.
You can also take out an insurance policy in the multifunctional center (MFC). In this case, the place of residence does not matter.
A child may be given an insurance number at the time of the first employment if he / she started working at the age of fourteen.
Issued social security number
The assignment of the insurance number to the child is carried out only with the help of parents. His presence is not necessary. Required list of documents:

a completed application form (form ADV-1);
the child’s birth certificate.
Upon reaching the age of fourteen, the child receives a passport, so he is engaged in the design of SNILS independently. In this case, it must provide:

identity document;
completed questionnaire (form ADV-1).
How long does it take to receive a social security number
The insurance number is assigned to the person immediately upon application. But the issuance of the document itself will take time, and the timing depends on the type of submission of the document:

through the pension Fund. The document will have to wait about three weeks. If you lose it, you will need a duplicate, the issue will take a month. In fact, longer terms are possible. If there is no special equipment in the pension Fund Department, your documents will be taken to the regional center;
through the multifunctional center. The waiting period is also three weeks. But the time of transfer to the pension Fund will delay this procedure for a few more days;
through an employer. Will have to wait about two months. The procedure takes several steps. First, the employer sends the documents to the PF (within 2 weeks from the date of registration of labor relations with the employee). After that, the PF will take about three weeks to open a personal account. The same amount of time will be required for the transfer of documents to the employer. Only then will he be able to give SNILS to his subordinate.
From the comfort of home
Get SNILS on the child and you can use the Internet. In no time this can be done on hospital The insurance document is issued in the online mode, also discussed the method of delivery. However, this method of assigning Snils has its own difficulties – not everyone will be able to understand the electronic design of the insurance document. In this case, it is better to contact the service center or call the consultants of the portal.

As you can see, to issue SNILS today is not difficult. And taking into account all its advantages, experts recommend not to delay and submit documents for the assignment of the insurance number and receipt of the document as soon as possible.

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