Today, more and more often not only fathers but also mothers leave their children to fend for themselves and are removed from their education. There was a wrong opinion that…

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Verification of documentation from the developer when purchasing a property
Today, more and more couples prefer to buy real estate in a new house. Good location, modern good layout, unlimited possibilities of decoration and decoration, well-equipped Playground and large Parking…

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Investments in HYIPs
Earnings on the Internet has many directions. One of those that brings passive income is investment in high-yield projects (HYIPs). I became interested in this issue due to profitability: from…

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How to make insurance cheaper

Today, insurance is an integral part of almost everyone’s life. Life and health insurance, CASCO, CTP and other types of insurance take place, and each of them has its own value. To pay a smaller amount of contributions, in other words, to make insurance cheaper, there are quite real ways, there are several of them.
Way to # 1. Buying discount policies.

Buying insurance products at sales is a real way to save on insurance protection. It is only necessary to know where and when the “insurance” sales take place. For example, on January 25, as part of the online sale of Cyber Monday 2016, Tinkoff Insurance provided discounts on policies. Discount on CASCO reached 15%, life and health insurance – 20%, policies for tourists cost 20% cheaper than usual, and for those wishing to insure real estate – 50%.

Most likely, financiers will become regular participants of various online discount forums. According to experts, in the future with a discount it will be possible to buy even CTP – liberalization of the price of “avtograzhdanka” will force financiers to use new old methods of competition.

Way to # 2. Online shopping.
In 2015, Russia e-insurance: first, insurance, and then insurance. Currently, for example, Ingosstrakh sells almost the entire line of its products in electronic form. Insurance in the network, as a rule, is cheaper, as financiers save on the maintenance of the staff of insurance agents and sales offices. When buying e-policies there is no need for physical movement – time and fuel are saved.

While online CTP discount calculators do not provide. Only residents of Moscow and MO can buy policies “avtograzhdanki” online at a discount of 20% on portals “Ingosstrakh”, “AlfaStrakhovanie”, “Renaissance”, “max” and “Energogarant”. However, soon online discount CTP should appear everywhere.

Way to # 3. The introduction of the franchise.
Entering into the insurance contract franchise, the policyholder undertakes to compensate a small part of the damage on their own. For example, do not apply for payment due to scratches on the bumper. Save with the franchise will be able to 40% of the cost of the policy. In January 2016, the Russian Supreme court banned “big franchises” (from 70%). It’s worth remembering.

Way to # 4. Comprehensive insurance.
Hull insurance + CTP on calculators in the network is sold cheaper. The same applies to other “related” insurance products: apartment insurance and landscape design, policies for traveling abroad and protection against loss of work, apartment insurance and liability of the owner of the property.

Way to # 5. Break-even insurance.
In the US and Europe discount on insurance policies for break-even insurance comes to 70%. In Russia, the maximum discount, for example, for hull and CTP for accident-free driving is a maximum of 50%. However, this is not bad, especially since the “emergency” drivers pay for car insurance in 2-3 more expensive. Thus, a neat ride saves the insurance budget.

Way to # 6. Observance of laws.
In 2016, in Russia the price of “car citizen” will be “tied” to the number of traffic fines. There was also a proposal to expand the discount for law-abiding motorists from 50% to 70%. Similar regulations may soon take place in the field of automobile insurance. It is obvious that compliance with the laws directly affects the cost of insurance and the benefits of their purchase.

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