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Registration of disability

When health problems lead to complete or partial loss of ability to work, as well as the inability to fully self-service, a person has to turn to measures of state support.
Registration of disability – the process is complex and psychologically, but it is even more complex in terms of paperwork. However, do not rush to give up, because we are talking about the necessary material support and obtaining basic assistance in a difficult situation for you. A starting point for discussion, patience and even courage, learn everything concerning the design of disability regulatory documents, if necessary, contact family and friends, be prepared for ungracious reception on the part of some officials. Mirsovetov will try to help you by explaining the procedure and outlining the sequence of actions.

Procedure for registration of disability
The decision on recognition of the sick person as the disabled person is made by organization of medical and social examination on the basis of the Order of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation of 23.12.2009 No. 1013n. In this document 7 criteria of restriction of health of the person are accurately stated:

Restriction of ability to work.
Limiting the ability to self-service.
Limitation of the ability to move independently.
Limited ability to communicate.
Limitation of the ability to focus.
Limiting the ability to control their own behavior.
Restriction to training.
A disabled person is a person who has persistent violations of at least two criteria from the list, or who has a persistent restriction to work.

Not every sick person is recognized as a disabled person. Before you apply for a disability, you must have evidence that the pathology of health are persistent. The patient was treated for a long time and unsuccessfully, including with the use of high medical technologies. All medical activities should be recorded in the outpatient card. If there were frequent calls to the Ambulance, they should also be recorded. Other medical documents – tests, certificates, statements, pictures, etc. should be attached.

At the first stage, the patient should contact the attending physician or the Chairman of the medical Commission at the clinic with an oral request to issue a referral to the ITU. Less often, the attending physician, on his own initiative, offers the patient to issue a disability.

Referral for medical and social examination is made in the form of 0-88/y. This is the main document that contains information about the state of human health at the time of application to the ITU bodies. Form 0-88/y contains data of examinations of specialists, analyses, is certified by the seal of medical institution, the signature of the Chairman of the medical Commission and the signature of 3 doctors of organization.

The next stage of registration of disability – the transfer of documents to ITU. Find out the telephone number of the ITU registry at your place of residence or at the place of temporary registration. Sign up to apply. Examination is appointed no later than a month after submission of documents.

On examination you should arrive on time, promptly at the appointed hour. During the examination, doctors will not only examine all the attached documents, but also conduct an independent examination. Doctors can ask questions about social status, living conditions, marital status, education and work skills. Do not be afraid of these questions, as the answers are necessary to fill in the items of the specialized program.

Often, the opinion of ITU experts disagree with the opinion of doctors. This is due to the fact that the attending physicians deal, as a rule, with the exacerbation of the disease in the patient. Medical experts often examine a person who has undergone treatment and can diagnose a lighter degree of the disease. Do not be nervous and argue with ITU doctors. In the case where you do not agree with the Commission’s decision, you may verbally in a polite manner to declare his disagreement with the Chairman of the Commission and to make a written request for the appointment of re-examination in the Main Bureau of the ITU.

Documents for registration of disability
Documents that must be carried with you, going to the medical and social examination:

Birth certificate (for the child).
The direction of the ITU in the form 0-88/a.
Outpatient card.
Extracts from hospitals, certified by the seal of the institution where the treatment was carried out.
X-rays (if any).
The conclusion of specialists from different medical institutions, with the seal and signature of the doctor (if any).
Education documents (if any) diploma or certificate from the educational institution for students.
Employment record book or certified copy (if any).
Photocopies of all submitted documents.
ITU reference and copy (for those who are re-examined).
Registration of disability to the child
A child shall be recognized as a disabled person if there is at least one criterion of restriction of life activity listed above. For example, limiting the ability to learn. In the preparation of documents for the minors instead of the form 0-88/u is used form No. 080/u-06. The direction of the ITU prepares specialist treating the illness of the child, according to his profile. That is, a child with poor eyesight is guided by an ophthalmologist, with reduced hearing – an otolaryngologist.

In the rest of the set of medical documents the same, that and for adult. The documents should reflect the history of the disease. In addition to medical documents may require characteristics of the institution, the documents of parents or guardians.

Registration of disability in case of particularly serious diseases
If you want to issue a disability seriously ill person who due to the disease can not independently or with the help of other people to come to ITU, to the direction of ITU must be accompanied by a certificate issued by the medical Commission of the medical institution. The certificate States that the patient’s condition does not allow him to appear for examination. In this case, the examination is carried out at home.

Sometimes, very rarely examination is carried out in absentia on the basis of documents. However, such cases are an exception to the rule, because the task of ITU is not only to familiarize with the documents, but also to confirm the diagnosis during the in-person examination of the patient.

Old or seriously ill people must be accompanied by relatives or social workers to be examined.

Your right
If the examination recognizes you as a disabled person, you are awarded a pension, you will be able to enjoy certain benefits, you will be drawn up an individual rehabilitation program. The pension is calculated from the moment of your appeal to the ITU bodies (from the date of submission of documents)

Sometimes ITU specialists can not make a clear decision and ask the patient to undergo further examination in one of the medical institutions to clarify the diagnosis.

Your right to agree or refuse to do so. In case of refusal, you will need to fix the refusal in writing. From myself I advise to agree and pass all necessary examinations. After all, it will help to make the correct diagnosis.

It happens that the attending physician in the clinic or the Chairman of the medical Commission refuses to issue a referral to ITU. In this case, you have the right to apply directly to the ITU authorities by writing a reasoned application and attaching copies of the documents confirming your decision.

If you do not agree with the decision of the ITU Commission, apply for re-examination to a higher ITU or to the court.

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