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Verification of documentation from the developer when purchasing a property

Today, more and more couples prefer to buy real estate in a new house. Good location, modern good layout, unlimited possibilities of decoration and decoration, well-equipped Playground and large Parking – these are the main advantages of apartments in new buildings.

Currently, the demand for housing under construction is steadily increasing, which can be seen, for example, according to the statistics of the portal in the section “new buildings of the Moscow region” are more than 30 thousand ads. But not everyone wants to buy new housing, because investing in construction is always associated with multiple risks.

Risks associated with the purchase of real estate
Buying an apartment in a new building has many advantages, which is why this option is preferred by many people. But at the same time the purchase of such real estate is associated with high risks. They are important to consider before buying a home in a new house. These include:

The ability to “freeze” on the construction;
Long term delivery of the house, which can last for several months;
Possible is not the most favorable option – the termination of the agreement on equity participation in construction for a certain “far-fetched” reason. In this case, the developer shall refund the impaired funds;
After the transfer of money by investors for the object, the construction can be curtailed. This situation is a kind of fraud;
Poor quality construction that does not comply with previous statements;
Delay in registration of the act of transfer of apartments to shareholders. This situation means that the right to register property will be postponed for several months.
Even at the conclusion of a contract with a bona fide developer shareholders can not be sure that economic shocks and other unforeseen circumstances will not affect the normal operation of the construction company.

List of documents to be read
In order not to worry about the money spent on real estate and not to think about their correct investment, it is important to check the documentation of the company. This will ensure that the developer is a reliable partner. To do this, it is important to check the presence of two main documents – permission for the construction of the object, as well as documents confirming the subsequent transfer of ownership of the constructed object from the developer to the buyer.

Before entering into the contract, you should read the package of documentation, the absence of which may cause the refusal to purchase housing. It includes:

Constituent document;
Legal license allowing to engage in certain activities;
The design Declaration with the conclusion of GSE;
Documents of ownership for the land plot;
As well as the financial report of the organization.
Also, before signing the contract is to find out from the organization-the developer of the expected date of entry of the house, as well as the deadline for the transfer of keys. Very often they do not coincide, because the procedure for commissioning the house is very long in time and can last for several months or even six months.

To a greater extent, it is necessary to focus on the second term, since it is in the case of its violation that shareholders have the right to demand compensation. Also, in accordance with the legislation, the developer has no right to demand payment for the commissioning of the house. If this happens, it is a direct violation, and the shareholder can refuse this fee.
Rights of shareholders at the conclusion of the contract of shared construction
When referring to the developer, a person should be aware of their rights, which allow him to calmly, confidently and firmly communicate with the developer. Shareholders in accordance with the legislation have the opportunity to demand all the necessary documents that regulate the activities of the developer.

When dealing with the organization of the interest holders may refer to the regulatory regulations, including the Federal law №214. At your first request, employees in the office of the company must provide the entire requested package of documents as soon as possible.

Refusal to demonstrate is a disturbing sign, which means that it is better not to have a business relationship with the developer. At the same time, the shareholder has the right to demand either original documents or their notarized copies. Any other documents scanned or printed shall have no legal effect.

“When buying real estate, it is important to carefully study all available information about the developer and documentation on the object under construction” – said Ilya Meshcheryakov, project Manager on new buildings” Today you can find a good apartment not only in the secondary, but also in the new object under construction. For example, on our website in the section “buy a new building in Moscow” presents a large number of ads.”
Verification of documentation from the developer is a long process that requires effort, patience and increased attention. This may even require the professional services of a lawyer and real estate agent. But only a competent approach to the purchase and a comprehensive study of the documents will allow you to be sure of the correct investment.

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