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Investments in HYIPs

Earnings on the Internet has many directions. One of those that brings passive income is investment in high-yield projects (HYIPs). I became interested in this issue due to profitability: from 1% per day – very attractive, compared to the same banks. Just had to figure out how to use it.
Just want to clarify what are HYIPs. The word “HYIP” (HYIP) literally translates as a high-yield investment program. In other words, it is a platform that accepts investments at high interest rates. It can be 10%, 20%, and even 60% per month. Profit can be paid daily, weekly, once a month, depending on the proposed conditions. The attractiveness of such investments is also that you can start with small amounts, from 5-10 dollars.

Naturally, having received the first profit from one HYIP, I began to look for others. There were many. And in order to clearly see where and how many turned out to earn, at first kept records in Excel e. Later found a online service statistics, in which account my investment is in automatic mode.
It’s no secret that all investments make sense if they make a profit. And for this you need to invest in those HYIPs, the reliability of which you are sure.
Investment in HYIPs, project selection
The most important point is the process of selecting HYIPs, you need to allocate enough time and carefully study what this or that project offers. The main risks when investing in HYIPs are associated with the reliability of the project. Almost every HYIP has a description of profit schemes, evidence of real activity and guarantees of long-term work. However, in practice, you need to evaluate all the details yourself.

To study each HYIP using the same service investment accounting, section “HYIP Monitoring”, which contains relevant projects for today.
In the description of each of the hype included the kind of information you want to rely in taking a decision to invest.

First of all, I look at how much time the HYIP is already working, the chart of popularity growth, whether it pays now. The proposed investment plans are also important. I want to note that when investing in HYIPs, you should not go on about greed. If you promise that your contribution will be doubled – you know that’s impossible. Long-term work is possible at a profitability of 0.5-1% per day. If the percentage is higher, the risks of rapid closure of such a HYIP increase accordingly.
To calculate the profit for each investment plan on the service I use a yield calculator. You must select a plan and enter the Deposit amount in the field below. It is convenient that not only the profit at the end of the Deposit is calculated, but also the breakeven date, i.e. the day when I start to receive profit from the HYIP, i.e. in excess of the invested amount.

Before investing, I also advise you to look for and read reviews about HYIP. And also to evaluate the HYIP site, how well it is decorated, whether there are errors in the text and the work of the site itself.

How to invest
You should always remember that investing in high-yield projects is also a risk. And to reduce them, you should invest in several different HYIPs. You need to make your investment portfolio in such a way that the closure of one of the HYIPs does not hit the total amount of your investments. I. e. it is impossible to invest everything in 1-2 projects. And the more I do not advise to invest borrowed money, always remember the risks.

Drawing up an investment portfolio requires not only a careful selection of HYIPs, but a competent distribution of funds between them. And it is also necessary to keep statistics. Here’s how I do it. With the service I fill in the data of my portfolio and get this table:
This table is convenient not only because you can immediately see where and how much money is invested, but also because all the profits and accruals for each Deposit are automatically calculated. The table also shows the date of completion of the Deposit and the date of the next accrual of profit. Given that the service is completely free, I think it is a good alternative to statistics in Excel’e.

Entering your portfolio data is very easy. After registration, go to “Personal statistics”.

Next, for clarity, prepared a series of screenshots.

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