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How to take a loan without references and guarantors

Despite the fact that taking out a loan today seems to be quite easy, in fact it is not so simple. Not all banks meet customers who need money in the shortest possible time. Or put very strict conditions. How to take a loan without references and guarantors – knows Mirsovetov.
Short term loan
Usually, to take a loan as soon as possible, you need to show the Bank proof of their ability to work. This may be a certificate of income of the borrower or a document on all family income, documents that confirm ownership of any property, which in case of non-payment can be reimbursed.

Also to take a loan, you can find a guarantor who will make a written certificate that he agrees to guarantee that the loan will be paid. He, in turn, will need to collect all the information about his solvency. The only thing is that if, for example, a person takes a loan in Moscow, then his guarantor must have a corresponding Moscow residence permit. And in the end, in a short time this loan can not be issued. Upon themselves to take foreign loans as a guarantor experts never recommend, but only if we are talking about a very close person in which you are sure that he will pay every penny. Otherwise, you can get into the clutches of scammers, there are a lot of them today, and they skillfully turn Bank scams, do not have time to look back, and you have a debt of several thousand other people’s money.

But there are no hopeless situations. In an extreme case, you can contact a credit broker. These are intermediaries between you and the Bank, which issue a loan is not difficult. But still, even if you need money very urgently before taking out a loan, think very carefully about how much money you can allocate monthly to repay it. Otherwise, in the case of default, the borrower will be fined and prosecuted.

Where you can apply for a loan
In addition to directly in the Bank, the loan can be obtained in the store, when choosing your favorite product, where there is such a service. Today it is a frequent phenomenon. This option is very convenient, but there is one thing-it is high interest repayment.

There is another opportunity to take a loan without any references and guarantors – a social insurance program. Before you make a loan, ask if you fall under the category of people who are allowed to take preferential loans. With their help, it is easier to take a loan to a young family, a pensioner who still works, large families, single mothers and young professionals.

If you have already taken a Bank loan and repaid it on time, it is best to go back to the same institution. Make it a loan will be much easier. Usually borrowers are then given a lot of advantages – certificates are not required, guarantors, too, the registration procedure is much easier, and the interest rates themselves are lower, sometimes there is no Commission for receiving the amount, which is also very important. If you take a Bank loan, keep in mind that it is more profitable to take targeted loans. Because with non-targeted lending, a large percentage is taken, since it is more risky for the Bank.

Requirements for obtaining a loan
Of course, each Bank has its own requirements for obtaining a loan without references and guarantors. But you can still identify common:

The age of the borrower is from 21 to 70 years.
Passport with permanent residence.
The second document – it can be a passport or driver’s license.
The presence of the borrower’s mobile phone, and other contact phone, if the person works, the worker.
Pros and cons
This loan, which is issued without references, has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the fact that you can repay the loan and using the Internet. But this applies more to private banks, the state does not yet have all such a function. The second advantage is the speed and ease of loan processing. Usually such a loan is issued in one day, and most often in a couple of hours. This is due to the fact that the Bank’s employees do not need to check their client, call the workplace, review his credit history, calculate the amount of income and compare how reliable the information is.

The most important and significant disadvantage when making such a loan is that the interest rate will be quite high, especially compared to the same loan, for the same amount, but with the registration of all documents. The rate can be around 30% per annum, while any Bank that requires an income statement will request no more than 20%.

If the Bank you do not get to take a loan without a certificate, you can contact private investors. The conditions are basically the same as in the Bank, or very similar, from the documents you will require only a passport and driver’s license. But there is one significant drawback, here the rate is charged not for a year, but for a month. If you calculate how much it will be typed for the year, it can go up to 700% per annum, and this is just an unreal overpayment. So if you urgently need to be money from investors, take a small amount and for a short time, say a couple of weeks before salary.

Instead of income statement
There is another option, how to take a loan without references and guarantors – you can offer something to the Bank as collateral. Here it is necessary to pay attention to several points, for example, that the property that is offered to the Bank as collateral should have the same material value as the loan, at least no less. If the borrower fails to repay his loan, the property will become the Bank’s property. Such property includes real estate, transport, securities and valuables. Before taking a loan with collateral, the borrower must provide the Bank with confirmation that the property belongs to him.

In addition, to confirm its solvency, the borrower can provide the Bank with a statement that he has a Deposit account with an amount that can, in case of non-payment by the client, cover the entire loan. Many in this case there is a natural question, why take a loan, if the account and so there is money. But the answer is simple – Deposit money work for the account owner and bring profit, it is not recommended to withdraw them, because otherwise the client will lose interest.

If you have another account where money transfers are constantly received, you can also provide it to the Bank to prove your ability to work.

When you make a loan can play a good service and a contract of employment, which shows that the borrower is the lessee. In this contract should be the amount that he receives for the lease of the area and the period for which this document applies.

In conclusion, it is worth Recalling that there are two different concepts – credit without references and guarantors and credit in the absence of income. In the latter case, it is not reasonable to take out a loan at all, because it is quite easy to get money, but they will still have to be given some time. And taking a loan, especially if you do not confirm your income, count ten times and think about whether you will have the opportunity to pay it. Outweigh the benefit of the loan, the risk that you can not pay and lose something. If outweigh, then go for it, a lot of variants.

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