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Annual paid leave
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Cash limit calculation
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How to get rid of debts

Sometimes it comes to the banal: I want ice cream (for example, money in my purse a penny, salary in a few days), you can wait and with a sense of pleasure to eat a treat later. But the future debtor can not wait, he will do everything, and the word “all” means – find money, but in debt. And so the thread slowly, someone increases their income, giving that debtor to borrow money at interest, and someone is slowly but surely sinking into the sucking debt. And it is almost impossible to get out of it yourself, as a drowning man from the swamp. But with recommendations from the world Councils all on the shoulder!

Debt recovery scheme
Everyone has their own wrong, confusing road to money debts, but sooner or later the question arises: “How to get rid of these debts?”. Mirsovetov offers a scheme out of the protracted lack of money.

“Debt card.” If you are wondering “How to get rid of debt?”it means that you have at least three main sources of money debts.

loans have “friends” under interest.
To begin with, we make the so-called “debt map”. Remember and write in a notebook all the loans, cash debts, loans, etc. do Not forget about the pawnshop, usually debtors there is almost all available gold and equipment. Can’t make a “debt map”? Don’t know where to start? It seems that there is simply no way out? Drop the bad thoughts. Ask someone close to you to help. Your personal “home” accountant will remind you of debts and record all payments. You can even negotiate with creditors. If you have all the strength and you will be able to paint all the items – fine. Unfortunately, many debtors at some point give up, they do not want to do anything, up to dismissal from work. It would seem, on the contrary, it is necessary to increase your income, find a part-time job or ask the authorities for a salary increase. On the contrary, the debtor seems to want to change everything, trying to find another place of work, one, second, third, in the end, is left with nothing. So, in such a situation, the help of a friend will come in handy. You have to understand when on paper you will fix the debts and write down everything to trifles, thus and in the head you will bring an order, there will be no that chaotic porridge from thoughts which torments you daily.

Debt repayment plan

We draw up a debt repayment plan. To do this, select the largest amounts that borrowed from friends or took on credit. And begin to slowly repay debts. All the funds that come to you, it is better to put on a Bank card and hide it away. So you will save yourself from the temptation to spend money. Create a rule: take a card only to put money on it. If you have several credit cards, choose the one with which to make purchases by Bank transfer is more profitable, and go to the store only with it.

Loans, you have four of them? No problem!
The main thing – time to pay at least a minimum payment. Missed, Ah that OK! I’ll have to talk to the employee from the debt Department. First, they will be polite, then begin to threaten, scare, in General, morally press you and emphasize once again that you are almost completely dependent on them. By and large it is, you are dependent on your own money. Advise to call the Bank and find out for your debt, then you will speak more politely. Always say the exact date of payment of the debt, even if you know exactly what you will not be able to pay on the appointed day. Thus, until that day you can leave alone, you see, and something will be decided and you will be able to pay the loan earlier. Keep calm, although the terror from the extortionists of your debts is sometimes simply unbearable. Be prepared for the fact that the “good” uncles and aunts from the Bank will charge you penalties for late payment, write “romantic” warning letters, send SMS, call several times a day, maybe even offer to borrow from someone, but most importantly pay the payment on schedule. At the same time, if they call in advance and ask to postpone the payment or freeze the loan for a while, they pretend that they do not even know what it is about, redirect calls to one, then to another Department, and in the end charge you a considerable penalty. Therefore, in order not to have such problems and hassle, it is better to pay on time.

Here the situation is more complicated. On the one hand, everything is simple – in a pawnshop you do not need to wait, just a passport, grandmother’s or wedding ring on bail and the money in your hands. It seems that for a while you are saved: “Then everything will be solved with debts, and I will surely redeem the gold”, – you calm yourself. But the frenzied interest you pay for your rings is the money you have to spend on living. Again there is not enough money for anything, the interest grows, you in the hope that soon-soon I will redeem everything, carry from the house the last chain and pay interest for the previous jewelry. Thus, your payments increase, and the day of appearance in your pocket a large amount is postponed indefinitely. Think about whether to pay further?! You have already taken all your jewelry, but still there is no opportunity to buy gold. It is better to stop paying interest and leave the gold to the pawnshop, or buy the most expensive heart, and the rest – to say goodbye. “Unfair! It’s a shame! How come?!”you will be outraged. You will be the lesson with the pawn is better not to contact ever.

Loans from so-called “friends»
Agree, those people who borrow money at interest, it is difficult to call friends. And not for nothing there is a saying: “if you Want to get rid of a friend – loan him money!”. In our case, paraphrase: “if you Want to know who your friend – ask him for money in debt!”. A real friend can help out and just give you money: “there Will be an opportunity – you will give, no, well!”he says. But usually each doing it only once, to the debtor, finally, he realized that life in debt is not living, and some people suffering and no longer live in debt. Decided on such a step and took a few hundred bills at interest, and then did not return the money in time, try to talk to your creditors, so they, at least, did not raise the interest rate. Pay first only the interest, discuss with them the option of a refund in installments. In General, do everything to ensure that your debts do not grow.

Family budget
It was necessary to make the family budget as soon as got a job and created a family. Then you’d never be in a debt hole. Well, as it happens, it’s never too late to start family accounting. For some, the family budget is enough to keep in mind and rationally use the funds. It does not infringe on the family and any income to live in moderation, but at the same time for fun. Now let’s try to learn how to control your income and be able to distribute them correctly.

We learn to save family money. It should be noted that saving is not a life of starvation, not a sense of avarice and greed for money and embezzlement. This is the correct distribution of income and expenses for each family member. It is possible and the minimum budget competently to distribute. And then learn how to multiply it. Try?!

Once a month, distribute the money for all needs and regular payments: write in a sign, put in envelopes, as you like. Today, the Internet is full of programs, such as home accounting. You can print, draw yourself, have a regular notebook, etc. the Balance, if it turned out somewhere, spend part on debt repayment, and part on yourself. Though low, but you need to leave, be encouraged for the promotion to the goal: to live without debt.
Buy products and hygiene products in bulk, so you can spend once, and eventually save.
Temporarily choose the products much cheaper. For example, if earlier you drank whiskey, and moderate your ardor, drink homemade wine, and it is better – in General please refrain. And improve health and reduce debts.
Also refrain from shopping and online shopping. Maybe it was the passion for new things or technology that led you into the debt pit.
Do not visit shopping malls. Like it or not, but there you will still buy something, even if you do not need anything. And if you still go there with the child, the money is guaranteed to wind you. It is better to walk together in nature, go to the forest, cook porridge on the fire – it calms, distracts from money problems.
Stay with your parents temporarily. Agree with them about joint nutrition or even at their expense. This will make it possible to save and pay for the loan, and possibly even pay it off.
Do not take the goods in the store in debt. When you buy on the record, you buy several times more than necessary.
In addition to the main job, find yourself another source of income, or even a few. For example, you can sell old unwanted things over the Internet or Commission stores.
Do not celebrate birthdays and other holidays in a big way. Refuse to travel to visit, on an anniversary, wedding, etc. On you, of course, may be offended close, but real friends will understand.
Don’t lend money to others. Better get on with the donation. Let it be a minimum at first, but it will be included in your budget. Just do not tell anyone about it, good deeds are done secretly, who needs to know, and good will come back to you.
Life without debt

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